The Nirvana Bamboo Blanket—the world’s coolest sleep!

When we first launched our minky cotton weighted blanket back in early 2018, Nirvana Blanket’s™ became an instant hit with our clients all over Canada. We had created Canada’s finest weighted blanket that feels like a soothing hug that had the added benefit of keeping our clients warm and cozy in the tough-to-bear cold Canadian winters.

But spring 2018 was fast-approaching and we wanted to offer our clientele a cooler, less cumbersome alternative that still had all of the calming, therapeutic benefits of our minky cotton sensory weighted blanket. After all, at the end of the day it’s the precise balance of added weight on the body that makes sensory weighted blankets so in demand. The science of deep touch pressure therapy has been proven to relax the nervous system and help calm those who suffer from symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, the autism spectrum, PTSD, OCD, and even help Alzheimer’s patients to feel safe and secure.

We finally introduced Nirvana Bamboo™—Nirvana’s new cooling weighted blanket into the market in April 2018 and a new star in the sensory weighted blanket marketplace was born!

But why Bamboo?

Bamboo fabrics are sustainable, eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial and moisture absorbing. The fabric is silky, lightweight and highly breathable making it the perfect bedcover for the spring and summer months. The soft bamboo fabric actually helps to keep the body cool and this has been welcoming news for those of our clients who experience night sweats due to hormonal changes, menopause symptoms, side effects of certain medications, and you guessed it, HOT WEATHER! 

Just like our minky cotton Nirvana Blanket™, or cooling bamboo weighted blanket still promotes the release of ‘feel good’ and ‘calming’ natural hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin and melatonin in the body and decreases cortisol. Our cooling bamboo blanket calms and slows down breathing, encasing the body in a light and airy cocoon that pulls sweat away from the body and relaxes the nervous system naturally. The lovely muted grey colour of our silky bamboo blanket is a perfect accent for any bedroom space and is easily integrated into any design aesthetic. The clean design with our tastefully placed modern white logo strip gives our bamboo Nirvana Blanket™ a hotel-chic look and feel.

As with our minky-cotton, our bamboo sensory weighted blanket gives our clients the ability to fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep as the blanket inhibits tossing or turning, while grounding you deeper into your mattress and promoting restorative rest.

This spring and summer get ready to fall asleep faster and wake up comfortably refreshed and relaxed from the world’s best (and coolest!) sleep.

Now how cool is that? Nirvana Blanket™ bamboo cool!

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