The Best Weighted Blanket in Canada—Nirvana Blanket™

The Best Weighted Blanket in Canada—Nirvana Blanket™

While Nirvana Blanket isn’t the only weighted blanket on the market, we can proudly say that we are the best weighted blanket for adults in Canada.


Before going into production, our Montreal team studied and scoured the weighted blanket marketplace to see how we could improve on what was already available.

Over and over we found 3 common complaints concerning weighted blankets in Canada; a widespread dissatisfaction over current availabilities in size, design and fabrics.

Nirvana Blanket’s size, design aesthetic and fabrics are unique to the weighted blanket marketplace and have solved many prior issues and complaints. 

For starters, Nirvana Blanket’s™ size is larger than all of its Canadian competitors—

just shy of the width of a Queen size bed. In comparison, Calgary’s Hippo Hug weighted blanket is painfully tiny, both in width and length—barely covering a user’s feet. Additionally, Hippo Hug’s design and orange colours are quite ‘childish-looking’ in appearance, and the fabric is akin to an oven-mit—not exactly luxurious and cozy?

Gravid—the Canadian version of the US’s Gravity Blanket isn’t that much larger and the cross-stitching squares on the cover are not very appealing and look cheap.  Also, the deep blue colour offering doesn’t exactly match well with most bedrooms? And the black? No thank-you!

The high-design luxury aesthetic of Nirvana Blankets’™ lends itself to being used as the primary cover of its users—whereas the aforementioned are kept ‘hidden’ in the closet due to inferior design, fabric and colour choices.

Our non-stitched minky cotton weighted blanket comes in grey and sand colour options, which can easily be incorporated into any bedroom aesthetic and space. It is a two-sided blanket with a plush luxurious minky material on top and a soft breathable all-natural cotton and linen blend.

Our silky natural bamboo/viscose blend cooling blanket comes in grey and is recommended for the spring/summer months as the fabric is lighter, moisture absorbing, antibacterial, and highly breathable.

Both look absolutely lovely as the main bedspread straight out of an interior design magazine—n’est pas?

Our Nirvana blankets™ also contain removable ‘magic bands’ that are 100% unique to the weighted blanket space and can be heated in the microwave or frozen in the freezer for added thermotherapy care on a sore neck, or tired joints for example.

And lastly, Nirvana Blankets™ are naturally grain-filled whereas the competition contains plastic or glass bead filling. Not exactly eco-friendly materials?  

Nirvana Blanket™ is the largest, finest and most luxurious weighted blanket in Canada and I think you will agree that we have adequately proven our case as to why!

Choose the best weighted blanket for adults in Canada. Choose Nirvana Blanket™ and enjoy the world’s most peaceful, (and best looking!) sleep.


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