Nirvana Blanket and Anxiety

Weighted blankets are an enormous trend in the health, wellness and self-care space—and with good reason! They have proven to help a wide selection of the population with the endless array of symptoms that can arise from anxiety. A 2018 poll finds that 41 per cent of Canadians say they struggle with anxiety, and has been on the rise in recent years in epidemic proportions.

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The effects of anxiety can be both life altering and physically debilitating, impacting everything from relationships, to a person’s ability to earn a living to their over-all well-being and health. An anxiety blanket like Nirvana Blanket™ is an effective non-pharmacological aid in combatting the effects of anxiety and is based on the science of proprioceptive input, or in layman’s terms, deep touch pressure therapy.

Weighted blankets like Nirvana’s anxiety blanket have shown to generate the feeling of a being wrapped and coddled in a ‘warm and soothing hug.’ This natural sensation causes the brain to release ‘feel good’ mood elevators like serotonin and dopamine and ‘natural calming’ chemicals like oxytocin and melatonin as well as decreasing cortisol which can help with anxiety almost instantaneously. In the first 5-10 minutes of being draped in our comforting weighted anxiety blanket, the entire nervous system begins to relax and rapid breathing and heart rate starts to naturally slow down. The compression and safe feeling of Nirvana Blanket™ is what many anxiety sufferers love about most about the product—like being in your own protective fort! The soft sensory feel of the minky cover blanket as well as the silky bamboo cover blanket further helps to soothe the senses. And lastly, the blanket allows anxiety sufferers to fall asleep faster, further experiencing a deeper restorative rest. The calming and naturally sedative weight of the blanket inhibits tossing or turning and grounds you deeper into your mattress, for the most peaceful anxiety-free sleep of your life!

Using a Nirvana Blanket™ is a great way to combat anxiety but we have other tips for you to get your best, most restful, optimal sleep.

Learn to identify your triggers. Does your anxiety seem to come out of nowhere or is it reflective of circumstances, time of day or year?

● Limit alcohol and caffeine-heavy drinks like soft drinks or coffee which can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

● Practice forms of light exercise nature bathing and walking, mediation and yoga, and self-care like massage, a hot bath, or simply staying away from making decisions when you are stressed. Practice saying ‘no’ more often.

● Lastly talk consult your family doctor or seek the help of a psychologist/psychiatrist for talk-therapy and further tools to treat your anxiety.

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